No capital investment Turn Key ProgramYou never touch the booth

How We Differ – We’re entrepreneurs, too!

We are business people first so we always start with the question: Does this location make sense for both parties? Will this be a win-win? Our photo booths are made to help you achieve your business goals. We’ve lived in the trenches of entrepreneurship and we bring that experience to every project and location. With no capital investment, you start earning profits from your very first sale with our Revenue Sharing Program.

You Provide the Location – We’ll Provide the Profit

Our photo booths generate high profits per square foot in a small area. Our products have proven successful in malls, cinemas, zoos, museums, aquariums, casinos, family entertainment centers and hundreds of other consumer destinations.

What we provide:

  • Unique Photo Booth Products that your customers will love and our promise to maximize your space with our constantly evolving product line
  • Web-based Photo Booth Monitoring for 24/7 Photo Booth Performance
  • Unbelievable Service + Support from our 400 Technicians – 7 days a week
  • Accounting – all sales tax, fees, surcharges and accounting is handled by Innovative FOTO
  • A check made payable to you every month!

What you provide:

  • A high traffic consumer location
  • 15-18 square feet of space
  • A standard electrical outlet
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